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Khao Kheow Forest and Wildlife Reserve Park
Khao Kheow forest and wildlife park comprises Khao Kheow and Khao Chompoo wildlife sanctuary, home to Khao Kheow open zoo and eastern Thailand's ecotourism spot. Here visitors will find all kinds of exciting and educational ecotourism activities for the whole family, including animal safari, after dark safari, conservation education, eco adventure, and other more.
About Khao Kheow & Khao Chompoo


A one-and-half hour drive on either the motorway or elevated expressway heading east of Bangkok brings you to Khao Kheow and Khao Chompou wildlife sanctuary. Originally classified as a national forest reserve, Khao Kheow was later established additional as a wildlife reserve under the supervision of the Wildlife Management Section of the Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in 1974. Khao Kheow forest and wildlife reserve spreads over an area of 144.7 comprising mountainous terrain covered by dense rain forest, inhabited by various indigenous wildlife species. The highest peak soars at 789 meter above sea level, providing an incredible view from the top, overlooking the expanse province of Chonburi sprawling into the sea of Gulf of Thailand.

In general, the forest is divided into three types: 1) Mixed deciduous forest in the lower terrain with varying conditions depending on season, 2) Dry evergreen forest can be found near the creeks, 3) Moist evergreen or rain forest densely occupy 80% of Khao Kheow forest and wildlife reserve. Since there is vast forest with abundant varieties of plants, vegetation and water, Khao Kheow is inhabited by a relatively dense population of wild animals. Notable species include deer, langur, rabbit, squirrel, boar, guinea fowl, palm civet, mouse deer, civet, porcupine and wild birds. Plus reptiles, such snakes, lizards; as well as amphibians, such as frogs, turtles. In the marsh areas, there are various types of fresh water fishes.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo occupies an area of about 8 and is inhabited by some 8,000 animals from 300 different species from various parts of the world, most from Thailand and Asia. Khao Kheow open zoo specializes in wildlife conservation and research, with success in the area of breeding and returning animals to the wild. The open zoo also boasts many activities for zoo visitors, including animal safari and after dark safari, conservation education, enrichment and feeding programs, trekking on foot and elephant-back, zip line and tented camping, dining and shows, and more.
Animal Safari take a tram-ride accompanied by a zoo narrator or rent a golf cart (for four people) and journey through the various zones of Khao Kheow Open Zoo, comprising African, Asian, South American to see animals native to these respective regions.
After Dark Safari witness many animals emerge from their sanctities and lurk around the shadows of tall trees or bushes of the forest to look for food. Many of them rely on important senses such as hearing and smell, to hide from attackers and hunt for prey. Others, like owls, cats and other nocturnal creatures have acquired eye adaptations for improved night vision. From 19.00 hrs come and experience a family-friendly, exciting, night time demonstration, featuring more than 20 nocturnal creatures that move through trees, dart across our man-made forest and also appear in places that you least expect them.
Journey to the Jungle is a conservation presentation, designed to educate the visitor on how animals interact in the wild in the natural order of ecological hierarchy and food chain. This program enables guests to get up close with and appreciate some rare animals living in a stress-free environment, enjoying highly specialized diet, veterinary care and the necessary stimulation from interaction with their care-providers. The primary goals of this program are to educate general public and provide animal enrichment.
Pattaya: Just merely 30 minutes drive away from Pattaya, the renowned seaside resort in the East of Thailand. Here you will find something for everyone in the family to do; whether you like the beach, walking street, shopping and dining, night life, as well as all of the outdoor adventures you would expect from an international beach resort.

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