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JOURNEY TO THE JUNGLE is an educational conservation based experience designed and operated by HKS Designer & Consultant International Co., Ltd., within Khao Kheow Open Zoo. This program enables guests to get up close with and appreciate of the most endangered species on the planet. In the subsidiary of Journey to the Jungle, the animals live in a stress free environment receiving a highly specialized diet, veterinary care and the necessary stimulation from interaction with their handlers. The primary goals of this program are to educate general public and provide animal enrichment.

Draw closer and capture “Journey to the Jungle”

An energetic naturalist will guide the audience through a forty minutes enchanting and exciting program through the jungles. The aim to enhance the audience’s learning experience at the zoo and at the same time sending out the right conversation message. The program will involve animals and birds doing their natural behaviors highlighting their incredible beauty, strength, agility and their mystery.

The audience will be amazed as large and small wild cats scale up trees, dive into water, and jump between logs and demonstrate other remarkable behaviors. They will be introduced to free flight and natural instincts, both in the air and water of various types of birds. They will also be left in awe at the appearances and interactions of the other animals such as wild pigs, otters and even the hyena, how they survive in the jungles with other species and the environment itself. This carefully designed and choreographed presentation promises to be inspiring, engaging and educational.

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